Vuzion CORE Notifications

This guide will explain the automated notifications provided in Vuzion CORE.

Vuzion CORE is designed to send out notifications to the main administrator contact for customers when an action has been completed on their Control Panel. 

These notifications are customisable, and Vuzion will do basic customisation to these notifications upon configuration of the system for Billing purposes. Basic configuration includes adding your company logo, contact details, website URL and editing the notification content to make the notification customised to your business. 

The list of system notifications that are generated can be found below 

1. Invoice  

2. Order notification 

3. Subscription Renewal 

4. Subscription expired 

5. Domain expired 

6. Account on Hold 

7. Payment received 

8. Credit 

9. Domain renewal 

These notifications will only be generated if the correlating action has been triggered in Vuzion CORE. For example, if a customer domain is hosted by Vuzion and comes up for renewal, notification 9 will be sent to the main account contact.

All notifications can be configured to include your company logo/branding, escalation contacts and text can be added or removed as required.

Invoice Notification 

An example of the Invoice Notification can be seen below. This notification will be sent to your customers on their invoice due date.

Order notification 

An example of the order notification can be found below. Your customer would receive this when a new order has been placed on their account for new services, such as a new Office 365 subscription or an additional resource in an existing plan.

Subscription Renewal

Customers would receive a subscription renewal notice when their active subscriptions are coming up to be renewed. By sending this notification, the customer can either agree to renew or can contact you to terminate the subscription upon its renewal date.

Domain Expired 

If a customer has a domain purchased through Vuzion, they will receive this notification upon the domain expiry date. If the customer does not have a domain hosted with Vuzion, they will never receive this notification

Account on Hold 

This notification will only be activated on your partner account if the credit control option was selected during the set-up process with the Vuzion Team. A customer account will be placed on credit hold if no payment for their services has been received. The credit hold notification will be triggered using the credit terms configured on your Partner account.

Payment received 

Customers will receive this notification once their payment has reached your account (GoCardless for Direct debit, or Stripe for Credit Card).


If you apply a credit to your customer's account in Vuzion CORE, they will receive a notification like the one below.

Domain Renewal 

This notification will only be applicable to any customers who have domains hosted with Vuzion. 

Once their domain comes up for renewal, they will receive the below notification informing them when their domain will be renewed.