Viewing Invoices and recent orders

The guide will help you view invoices and recent orders for partners and customers within Vuzion CORE.

Partners Invoice 

To view recent invoices and orders, please follow the steps below:

1. Login to Vuzion CORE

2. Click Account, on the left side navigation pane

3. Click Orders and Invoices

4. From the tiles, click on either Pending Orders, Invoice History, or Order History to view these documents.

If any invoices are outstanding, you will be able to pay these by ticking the invoice document and clicking Pay Documents. 

This will present you with a payment screen which will allow you to pay the invoice using your preferred payment method.

Customer Invoice 

To view invoices and orders generated under a customer account, please see the steps below: 

 1. Login to Vuzion CORE

2. Click the Customers tab 

3. Click Login beside the customer you wish to view

You will now be inside the customer CP.

4. Click the Account tab 


Click View Pending Orders to review any orders that are still processing in Vuzion CORE

Click View Invoice History to see all invoices generated on this customer account 

Click View Order History to review all orders which have been placed against this customer account