Upgrading a New Commerce Experience (NCE) subscription in Vuzion Core

 With New Commerce Experience (NCE) subscriptions, plans can be upgraded to a higher tier. For example, you can upgrade from Exchange Online (Plan 1) to a higher tier plan like Business Basic or Business Standard. Currently upgrading is only possible for every license within the subscription, so all licenses will have to be upgraded.

Warning: the 'Change Subscription' option it is only possible to upgrade subscriptions to those of a higher tier, plans cannot be downgraded. The customer would be unable to revert back to the previous plan even if they were to change their mind within the 7 day period

  1. Log into the Vuzion CORE control panel via http://partner.vuzion.cloud.  

  1. Click on the Customers tab, then click Login beside the customer's name.  

  1. Click Account along the left-hand side, followed by Subscriptions.  

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  1. Select the subscription that you wish to upgrade 

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  1. Select ‘Change Service Plan’ 

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  1. Select the plan you wish to upgrade to (if you cannot see the plan that you believe should be available as an upgrade path, please let our support team know, and they shall have it added.)  
    Whilst the option is technically available, you cannot change subscription periods mid-way through your current subscription term 

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  1. Once you have selected the plan, click next 

  1. An order will then be placed to provision the plan change; Once the order is complete, if you navigate back to Account -> subscriptions, you will see the old plan has now been replaced by the new one you selected.