Updating pricing in plans

This guide will help Partners who use Billing Services to update pricing in their own plans inside CORE.

Updating pricing in plans 

To update pricing in your own plans inside CORE, please follow the steps below

1. Login to Vuzion CORE https://core.vuzion.cloud/

2. Click Classic Panel in the top right corner 

3. Click Billing in the top right corner 

4. Under Products, click Service Plans on the left-hand side 

5. Search for the service plan which needs updating 

6. Click on the service plan and click on the Resource rates tab 

7. Click on the resource listed 

8. Scroll down and click Edit 

9. From here, you can amend pricing inside plans. Once prices have been updated, click Save 

10. Now repeat step 4 > 5 and click on the plan you have just updated 

11. Click Update Subscriptions 

12. Only tick the below options 

· Update subscription prices 

· Update Prices 

Change "Propagate to provisioning system" to Immediately and click Update Subscriptions

13. Now the plan has been updated with new prices, this needs syncing out to customers using this subscriptipn 

14. On the service plan, click on Subscriptions tab to see which customers are using this subscription 

15. Click on the active subscription and click Synchronize 

16. Only tick the below options 

· Update prices 

· Update subscription prices 

The customer plan has now been updated with new pricing