Personal Archive Overview


Personal Archive gives users access to an archive with unlimited storage space that is stored on the Cobweb infrastructure, meaning users no longer have to worry about having their archive being stored locally.

The personal archive will display as a second mailbox in the users Outlook profile. This mailbox will be called 'Archive - Email Address' and will display as though it is an additional mailbox.


Accessing your Personal Archive

There are several different ways of accessing the Personal Archive. These are explained below.

Outlook 2010: If you have the Cobweb Autodiscover record on your domain, Outlook 2010 will add the personal archive automatically into Outlook and all features can be used. This is the recommended method.

Outlook 2007: If you have the Cobweb Autodiscover record on your domain, Outlook 2007 will add the personal archive automatically into Outlook, however, you will not be able to change the retention policy on specific emails or folders.

Outlook Web Access: OWA will allow access to all personal Archive features, the Autodiscover record is not required to use Personal Archive in OWA.

Other Mail Clients: Personal Archive will not work on any other mail clients including all Mac Mail Clients and users will therefore need to use OWA.


Moving Emails to your Personal Archive

Dragging Emails: Emails can be easily dragged from the mailbox to Personal Archive in Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 or OWA.

Rules: Rules can be set to move emails from the main mailbox to the archive after a certain period of time or if they contain certain attributes. Rules will correctly move emails to the archive in Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 as well as OWA.

Retention Policies

Cobweb has created a default retention policy that will be assigned to all mailboxes with Personal Archive.

This will set the mailbox so that any emails over 2 years old will be moved to the personal Advanced Mailbox Features archive.

This policy also allows users to set personal retention tags on individual emails or folders to change the retention period on these items to either a shorter, longer or no archive option.

Personal Retention Tags can be set by right clicking on an email and going to Assign Policy in Outlook 2010 or Archive Policy in Outlook Web Access. The table below shows the default retention and personal retention tags available.

Tag name

Retention age limit (days)

Retention action

Default 2 year move to archive


Move to Archive

Personal 1 year move to archive


Move to Archive

Personal 5 year move to archive


Move to Archive

Personal never move to archive

No age limit

Move to Archive

Default 7 year delete


Delete & Allow Recovery

*Deleted Items 90 days delete


Delete & Allow Recovery

*Junk Email 90 days delete


Delete & Allow Recovery

* These are called Retention Policy Tags and are set over specific default folders, on the Cobweb policy only the Deleted Items and Junk Email folders will have Retention Policy Tags assigned.