Mimecast Personal Portal

The Mimecast Personal Portal provides the means for you to manage your Mimecast Account, including managing your Blocked & Permitted Senders, your Hold Queue and searching your archive.

As this is a browser based application, you can access this portal from any device.

Access to the Mimecast Personal Portal can be restricted by your administrator.


The Personal Portal can be access in most modern web browsers.

  1. Navigate to https://login.mimecast.com in a web browser
  2. Enter your Email Address

  1. Select your password type
    1. If you are unsure which password type to use, check with your Mimecast Administrator
  2. Enter your Mimecast Password
  3. Press Login

  1. If you have access to more than one Mimecast app, select Mimecast Personal Portal

Note: Your Mimecast Administrator may have applied branding to this portal, changing the look. Additionally, they may configure this to re-direct to another service, which will show a different login screen.

Archive Search

If your Mimecast account is enabled for Archiving, you can use the Mimecast Personal Portal to search for previous messages that have been captured.

The Mimecast Personal Portal only searches the archive for the account you are logged in with. If you need to perform a search across your organisation, you should perform the search in the Administration Console.

If you don’t see the Search options, this service may have been disabled by your Mimecast Administrator.

  1. Select the Search option on the menu

  1. Enter the criteria for your search
    1. You can use the Search Options icon in the search bar to filter or expand your search
  2. Press Enter

Emails are only kept by Mimecast for their set retention period. If your account has a low retention period, for example S1 only provides 30 days, you may not see older emails in this search.

On-Hold Queue

If Mimecast is acting as your email gateway, you will often have messages held by the Email Security service for potential spam or phishing. From within the Mimecast Personal Portal, you can review your hold queue with the ability to preview messages before releasing.

  1. Select ‘Advanced > Personal On Hold’ on the left hand menu
    1. If you are reviewing queue that you are a Moderator for, select Moderated On Hold instead

  1. Select an Email to review
  2. Select one of the following options:
    1. Release: Delivers the message to your Inbox
    2. Reject: Deletes the message
    3. Report Email: Allows you to report the email as spam or phishing

Note: From the Release and Reject menus, you can also choose to block or permit emails from that sender or domain going forward. This will add an entry for this address to your Managed Senders list.

Managed Senders

The Managed Senders list is a list of email addresses and domains that either been permitted or blocked for your account. This list will only apply to your own email account, with each user maintaining their own list.

The Managed Senders list can be overridden by the Global Blocked Sender or Permitted Sender policies set by your admin. Some other policies set by your admin can also result in your list being ignored.

  1. Select ‘Advanced > Blocked’ or ‘Advanced > Permitted’ on the left hand menu
    1. Blocked: All emails from these email addresses and domains are rejected by Mimecast
    2. Permitted: Emails from these email addresses and domains are allowed through spam scanning policies automatically
    3. Auto Permitted: This list is automatically populated by Mimecast. Emails from these email addresses and domains are allowed through spam scanning policies automatically

  1. You can add an entry by selecting the Add Blocked/Permitted button in the upper right.

  2. You can remove an entry by selecting the entry and selecting the Remove button next to the entry.