Establishing Indirect Reseller Relationships

Establishing Indirect Reseller Relationships Through CORE

When setting up a new customer in Vuzion CORE who already has an Office365 tenant, a relationship will need to be established between the indirect reseller, the customer, and Vuzion. At this time, CORE does not have the ability to establish this relationship automatically so the below steps will need to be followed. This guide is meant to follow-on from the previous guide regarding setting up new customers - please see Adding A New Customer if you need assistance creating the customer.

1. After the customer has been set up, the first step is to establish the relationship, to do this you will need to log into as your indirect reseller global admin, then go to Customers and select Request a reseller relationship or Request indirect reseller relationship.

2. This should give you an email that you can copy, and send to your customer as per the below.

3. Once the customer has accepted the invite, you can then go back into CORE, navigate to Customers and then LOG IN as the customer who has accepted the invite.

4. Now you should be logged in as the customer, you can purchase the subscription desired via Marketplace, we have a guide located here if you require further detail on how to do so.

5. It is important at this stage that you select USE EXISTING MICROSOFT ONLINE ACCOUNT, and enter the details of the global admin for the tenant making sure that it is in the format - then select Sign in to Office 365 Portal.

The relationship should now be established between the indirect reseller, the end-customer, and Vuzion.