Enabling and Disabling Forwarding for Exchange 2013

When you apply forwarding to a particular mailbox, any email sent to it via either the primary email address, an alias, or through a group, will be forwarded on to the specified recipient. You can choose whether a copy of the forwarded email is retained in the original mailbox or not.

Apply Forwarding

  1. Log in to the Control Panel with your reseller account (https://controlpanel.hostedservices.com) and then log in as the relevant customer.

  2. Select Exchange


  1. Select the Display Name of the mailbox you wish to add forwarding to


  1. Select the Forwarding tab


  1. Select Enable

Note: If forwarding is already applied, select the Change button. You can also use the Disable button to stop forwarding from applying.

  1. Enter the email address you want to forward the emails to

  2. Select Submit.

Note: There is an option to leave copy of messages. By selecting this a copy of all the emails forwarded will be left in the original mailbox. This option must be ticked if you need the mailbox to still receive emails.


Forwarding to Multiple Mailboxes

You cannot use this setting to forward a mailbox to multiple email address, only one address is allowed. If this is needed it would require creating a Distribution List and setting the account to forward to the Distribution List address.