DNS Hosting HEX Process

How to Cancel DNS Hosting in Odin 6 Without Breaking the Domain

Check the subscription

Firstly log on via the Customer CP > Hosted Domains > Select Domain > DNS > DNS Hosting. If the subscription that shows here is the subscription you are looking to cancel then this will need to be changed.

Adding the DNS Hosting Plan

Go back to the reseller side, then into Billing. You will need to place a new order for this customer via Customers > Click on your customer > Orders > Add New Order > the plan is DNS Hosting (30323) > select a 1 year period > Next > Leave the domain field blank > Next > Finish.

This should be a 0 cost subscription, and you will need to approve the order manually as it's the old control panel.

Switch the Domain Hosting Subscription

1. Logging back into the Customer Control Panel, go to Hosted Domains > Select the Domain > DNS > DNS Hosting > Change DNS Hosting to External

2. Now switch the DNS hosting back to Internal via the same method, but this time when you switch it back make sure to change the subscription to the new DNS Hosting subscription that you've just ordered.

3. If this has been done correctly it will look like the below screenshot, and you should now be fine to cancel the original Hosted Exchange subscription without breaking the domain that was previously tied to it.