Change Office Licencing for Office 365

In some situations, you may need to re-activate Office under a different account or licence. Office itself will check periodically for it’s activation status and will renew itself automatically. If you need to change licences, you will need to manually instruct Office to update this.

These steps are for changing your licence for the ClicktoRun version of Office for Office 365. If you need to change over from a different version, you may need to reinstall your Office suite.


From build 1902 for Windows, if you are changing from one Office version to another, a re-install is not required.

You can now switch licences from within the Office applications.

  1. Open an Office Application
  2. Go to ‘File > Account’ or ‘File > Office Account’
  3. Select Change License

  1. Press Sign-in
  2. Log in with your Office 365 account when prompted

Note – you may not be prompted to enter your credentials as you will already be signed in. If this is the case, just click next to proceed. Otherwise, enter your credentials.

If you are changing the product version (e.g. ProPlus to Business), you should also:

  1. Restart the Office Application
  2. Go to 'File > Office Account > Update Options > Check for Updates'

This should prompt an install and restart your Office application.

Once Office re-opens, go back to File > Office Account and check your subscription product. By default, it will still show your previous license type, but you should now have an option for “Show additional licensing information”. Clicking this link will expand the licenses and should show your new license type.

If your licence has only recently been changed, you may receive an error that another licence could not be found. In this case, try again in an hour.

Manual Licence Removal

At times, Office may not be able to switch over licences automatically. If this occurs, you can manually remove licences from your device. This required administrator rights over your device.

Before removing licences from the device, you should also de-activate the install from the Office 365 Portal: 

  1. Run Command Prompt (cmd.exe) as an administrator
  2. Type cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16" (For 32 bit version of Office) or cd "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16" (For 64 bit version of Office)
  3. Press Enter
  4. Type cscript.exe ospp.vbs /dstatus
  5. Press Enter and allow time for the script to process
  6. Make a note of the 5 digit product key for the entry to remove
  7. Type cscript.exe ospp.vbs /unpkey:xxxxx (Replace xxxxx with the 5 digit product key)
  8. Press Enter and allow time for the script to process

When you next open Office, you will be prompted to sign in to activate Office again.

Note: In some cases, Office may revert to a grace period. You can repeat these steps to remove the grace licence as well.


On Office for Mac, to manually change the licence, you should run the Licence Removal Tool:

You should run this with all the Office applications closed, then you will be prompted to activate again when Office next launches.