Billing Services FAQs

Billing Services

This guide will give a brief introduction to Billing Services on Vuzion CORE, and the steps required to complete the sign-up process.

Overview - What is Billing Services? 

Billing services enables Vuzion Partners to use Vuzion CORE for Credit Control and Billing collection purposes. 

The CORE control panel can be customised by Product Ops to deliver 4 options 

1. Invoicing 

2. Invoicing and collection 

3. Invoicing and automated credit control 

4. Invoicing, collection and automated credit control 

Once configured, CORE will then issue an invoice every month and collect payment for the Partners customers via either Direct Debit or credit card automatically, and perform basic credit control tasks such as putting customers on hold for non-payment (depending on the option selected at signup).

How does CORE collect payment? 

Vuzion CORE supports Direct debit, Credit Card and Invoice. GoCardless is used for Direct Debit collection, and Stripe is used for Credit Card.

What charges are involved? 

GoCardless and Stripe will charge a fee for the use of their services, please see web sites below 

Pricing - GoCardless

Pricing & fees | Stripe | United Kingdom

Pricing & fees | Stripe | Ireland

Pricing & fees | Stripe | United Arab Emirates

On top of these fees, Vuzion charges 1% of the reseller’s monthly revenue each month. 

GoCardless will collect direct debit payments 3 days after the invoice has been generated, this is set by GoCardless and cannot be changed.


CORE can be customised to send out branded invoices, order confirmations and other notifications, providing a bespoke and customised Billing Service to Partners. Items highlighted below can be customised with logos, personalised text (including social media links) and colour schemes if HEX or RGB codes are provided. 

Below is the standard template offered to all Billing Service’s Partners for use.


• Can I change the number of days GoCardless will collect payment after the invoice has been generated? 

Unfortunately, this is set by GoCardless and not something Vuzion have control over or can change. 

• Can I have a bespoke Invoice template? 

Vuzion offer the template above which can be customised with a company logo, text and colour schemes. If you would prefer to use a different template this may incur an additional charge to configure. 

• How is my GoCardless account linked to Vuzion CORE? During the setup process, you will be asked to accept an invite using your GoCardless credentials which will authorise CORE to collect payments using your GoCardless account. 

• How do I create Direct Debits or credit card payments for my customers? 

Once the setup of Billing Services has been completed, you will be instructed to login to Vuzion CORE to create payment methods for each of your customers. 

• Can I use other payment gateways? 

GoCardless and Stripe are currently the only support payment gateways.