Microsoft Azure is a set of continually growing and evolving set of cloud services and platform on which today’s forward-thinking business can build and implement tools and applications, on-premises and in the cloud. 

Security and privacy features are in-built, and Microsoft delivers industry-leading regulatory and compliance functionality, while Azure offers scope for the limitless development of scalable, compute and storage services

We've created some Azure guides, and compiled a selection of high-quality Microsoft documents - see below or search the directory on the left.


Azure Subscription Service Limits
Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server
Manage Azure Resource Quotas
Purchase & Manage Visual Studio Licences using Azure
It is recommended to purchase a dedicated Azure subscription for the Visual Studio billing to keep billing for this service separate from other Azure services. However, you can use an existing Azure subscription if preferred. Visual Studio licences...
Role Based Access Control
Verifying an Azure Subscription