Adding Domains to Office 365

In addition to the Tenant Domain your Office 365 service is provisioned with, you can add custom domains for use with the various Office 365 services.

Before you can use a domain with Office 365, you must first verify ownership & control of the domain.

Add a New Domain

To add a new domain to your Office 365 service, you must log into Office 365 with a Global Administrator account.

  1. Log into the Microsoft 365 Admin Center using global admin credentials for the tenant:

  1. Go to ‘Setup > Domains’ (if this is a new Office 365 service) or ‘Settings > Domains’ on the left-hand menu

  1. Select Add Domain

  1. Enter the domain you wish to add and press Next

  1. You will be prompted to verify ownership of the domain. Depending on who your domain is registered/hosted with, you may be prompted with different options:
  1. If your domain is with GoDaddy or 1&1, you will have the option to sign in with them, which will redirect you to their login page for authentication.

  2. If your domain has a contact email address published, you can have a code send to that address, which you can use to verify the domain.

  3. If the first two options are not available, you will be asked to add a record with your domain host. NOTE: You should only add the TXT record for verification at this stage. Instructions for adding the TXT record can be found here.

    If you aren’t sure who you need to add this with, you can search for your domain DNS hosting provider.
    Please allow up to 1 hour after the record is added before attempting to verify the domain.
  1. Select I’ll add the DNS records myself and press Next

  1. Select the services you wish to use on Office 365 with this domain and press Next

  1. Make a note of the records shown and tick Skip this step

  2. Select Skip

From here, you can start adding new users to your Office 365 account using this domain.

Once your users have been created and are ready for use, you should add the Office 365 records onto your domain.