Adding Addresses to Mimecast

The recommended setup for Mimecast is to only accept emails for known addresses. As such, a list of addresses will need to be maintained within Mimecast.

Generally, you can set up a Directory Sync to handle this for you, but there are cases where addresses need to be added manually, such as in the case of Public Folder addresses.

Add an Address

Adding an address is completed through your Mimecast Admin Console, for which you will need to have the Basic Administrator role or greater.

  1. Log into your Mimecast Account at

  1. Select Administration Console

  1. Go to ‘Administration > Directories > Internal Directories’

  1. Click into the domain the address is based on

  1. Select New Address

  1. Enter the Email Address and the Name of the User (Global Name)

  1. If the address is an alias of another, use the Lookup option next to Address Alias For to link it to it’s primary address

  1. If the user needs to log into Mimecast using a Cloud Password, enter the initial password for them

  1. Press Save and Exit