Adding Additional Email Addresses in Office 365

At times, users may want to be able to receive emails on additional addresses without creating a dedicated user for it. Office 365 offers several options for adding new addresses to Exchange Online.

Add Aliases

An alias is an additional email address associated with a mailbox. When an email is sent to the mailbox, it will arrive to the mailbox as if it was sent to it’s main address. Each mailbox can have up to 400 aliases assigned to it.

Aliases can be managed in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

  1. Log into the Microsoft 365 Admin Center using global admin credentials for the tenant:

  1. Go to ‘Users > Active Users’ on the left-hand menu

  1. Click onto the User you want to add the alias to

  1. Under Aliases, select Manage email aliases

  1. Select Add an alias

  1. Enter the new email address required

  1. Press Save Changes

Add Groups

Groups can be used to direct emails sent to one email address to other email addresses. You can learn how to manage Groups in our Knowledgebase.

Add Shared Mailboxes

Shared Mailboxes can be used to direct emails into a separate mailbox that multiple users can access. You can learn how to manage Shared Mailboxes in our Knowledgebase.