Adding a New Mailbox

  1. Log in to the Hosted Services Control Panel ( using your Administrator Username and Password.

  2. Click on Exchange and then select Add New Mailbox.

    Note: If you click the above and the screen changes to the Account tab and states you do not have any free sources and that the subscription limit needs updating, please refer to the 'Ordering Additional Resources' guide.


  3. Select New Service User


    • If you have an existing Service user and would like to create a mailbox for them tick

      Existing Service User and select the user from the list.



  4. Fill in the requested Information

    User Photo

    You can set the profile picture for the user

    by uploading it here. This will appear in Outlook and Lync.

    Display Name

    This is how the mailbox will appear in the Global Address List and in the 'From' field of any email.


    This will be the username of the mailbox for login purposes.


    Enter then password for the mailbox here, obeying the length and complexity requirements detailed below. Do not click generate new password unless you want a computer generated password.

  5. Set the size limit of the mailbox and tick the mailbox access protocols you wish to be available on this mailbox.


  6. Click Finish

This completes the creation of a new mailbox. It can take up to 4 Hours before the mailbox will be able to send/receive external emails.