Adding a New Distribution List

There are two steps to creating a distribution list; the first step involves creating the distribution list itself and the second step involves adding members to the distribution list.

Creating a Distribution List

  1. Log in to the Hosted Services Panel (https://controlpanel.hostedservices.comusing your Administrator Username and Password.

  2. Click on Exchange and then select Distribution Lists.


  3. Click the Add New Distribution List button.

  4. Give the distribution list an alias, display name and email address. The display name specifies how the distribution list will show in the Global Address List.


  5. Select a security option. This will specify who can send to the distribution list.


  6. Select Submit.

Adding Members to a Distribution List

  1. Click on the display name of the relevant distribution list.


  2. Select the Members tab and then click on Add New Member.


  3. Tick all the users you wish to add to the distribution list and then select Submit.


Your distribution list has now been configured. Please allow us to 4 hours for the distribution list to start accepting mail.