Add an Office 365 Email Account to Outlook for Windows

Once the mailbox is ready to go, you can add the account to your preferred email application. Whilst you can add your account to most modern email clients, the recommendation is to use Outlook.

For Office 365 (Exchange Online), the supported versions of Outlook are:

Outlook 2013
Outlook 2016
Outlook 2019
Outlook for Office 365

The below steps are specific to the current version of Outlook 2016 and later.

You will need to have the password for the account ready when setting up in Outlook.

Outlook for Windows

If you already have an account already in use in Outlook, you can add a further account alongside it. If it is the first account you are adding to Outlook, you will automatically be taken to the Add Account screen to set up your first account.

  1. Open Outlook

  2. Go to ‘File > Account Settings > Account Settings’

  1. Press the New button

  1. Enter the email address you want to add

  2. Press Connect

  1. When prompted, enter the password for the account

  1. Allow time for Outlook to pick up your settings

  2. Press Done

NOTE: When the account is first added, Outlook will need to process a lot of data. During this time, it may be unresponsive. Please allow time for Outlook to finish this processing.

If you have a lot of existing data in your account, Outlook will take some time to finish synchronising with the Office 365 servers. During this time, folders may appear empty until the sync is complete.

These steps will use a set of default settings, where Outlook will cache 12 months of data.

If Outlook does not pick up your Account

When an Exchange account is added to Outlook, Outlook performs a number of searches to find the settings for your mailbox. If Outlook is unable to find your mailbox settings, it will not be able to add your account.

If this occurs, you can use the Support and Recovery Assistant to try to set up your account. Even if this tool is unable to add the account for you, it can tell you where to look.

You should also make sure your domain is pointing it’s Autodiscover service to Office 365, as this is how Outlook can pick up your account. For this, ensure the below record is added with your domain host:

Host: Autodiscover
Points to:
TTL: 3600 (or provider default)