Add an Office 365 Email Account to Apple Mail

If you use Mac OSX, you will have access to the Apple Mail program as part of your Mac. Apple Mail supports adding Exchange accounts, including Office 365, to it.

Apple Mail is not an application directly supported by Office 365. Some features will not be available when using Apple Mail. We recommend using Outlook for Mac if you have this available to you.

If you use Multi-Factor Authentication, we recommend to only use Apple Mail with 10.14 (Mojave) and later, as earlier versions will not support this.

You will need to have the password for the account ready when setting up in Apple Mail.

Add your Account to Apple Mail

If you have not set up an account in Apple Mail, you will be prompted automatically to add an account. Otherwise, you can add the account alongside any existing accounts in Apple Mail.

  1. Open the Mail application
  2. From the toolbar, go to ‘Mail > Accounts

  1. Select the ‘+’ icon in the lower left
  2. Select Exchange

  1. Enter your account information

  1. Press Sign In
  2. If prompted to re-direct to Microsoft, select Sign In
  3. Accept the permissions request
  4. If prompted for a manual setup, use:

Note: Steps 7 & 8 require Mac OSX 10.14 (Mojave). Earlier versions will just prompt for your account password as normal.

  1. Select the items to sync from the Exchange server to Apple Mail
  2. Press Done

Your account will be added into the Apple Mail application. If you have select to sync items other than mail, these items will show in their respective applications, e.g. Contacts in the Contacts application, Calendar items in the Calendar application etc.