Add an Office 365 Email Account to Android

If a user has a mobile device running the Android operating system, they can set up their email account to sync emails on that device.

If you are using Android, you can set up emails using either the built-in Gmail app (Samsung Email App if using a Samsung device) or using the Outlook for Android application.

Gmail Application

From October 13th 2020, Microsoft will be deprecating Basic Authentication for Exchange Online. This will prevent usage of the Gmail App for Android with Office 365. It is recommended to set up your account using Outlook for Android.
  1. Open your Gmail App

  1. Open the Menu (Icon with 3 lines)

  1. Select Settings

  1. Select Add Account

  1. Select Exchange and Office 365

  1. Enter your Email Address and press Next

  1. Enter your Password and press Next

  1. If prompted, accept the redirect to by pressing OK

  1. If prompted, accept the Remote Security Administration prompt by pressing OK

Your phone will need some time to be able to download the settings for the mailbox and start downloading data. It may take a few minutes for data to appear.

Outlook for Android

Before you can use the Outlook for Android application, you must install it from the Google Play on your device. Click on the Outlook icon to be taken to the Google Play Page for the application.

If it’s the first time you are using the application, you will automatically be taken to the account setup screen.

  1. Open the Outlook for Android Application

  2. Click on the Menu icon

  1. Select the Settings Cog

  1. Select Add Account

  2. Select Add Email Account

  1. Enter the email address of the account you want to add

  2. press Continue

  1. Enter your password when prompted

  2. Press Sign In