Add a Domain for Exchange 2013

In order to use a domain on our Hosted Exchange service, it must first be added and enabled.

Add an Domain

If the DNS is managed through another company but you wish to use the domain with our services such as Hosted Exchange, you will need to add the domain to our Control Panel as an External domain.

  1. Log in to the Control Panel with your reseller account ( and then log in as the relevant customer.

  2. Click on Hosted Domains.

  1. Click on Add Existing Domain Registered Elsewhere.

  1. Enter the domain and the subscription you wish to use it with, Leave the zone management ability un- ticked and click Next.

  1. Once you have checked that the details are correct, select Finish.

In order to finish off setting up the domain, it will need to be enabled - you can do this by closing the tab so you're back in the reseller view, then going to Domains > find the domain > tick it and select Set Registrar Status to Ready.