Mobile Email - Why won't my device Activate

Mobile Email

This guide outlines some of the common issues which can cause a BlackBerry device to fail during the activation process:

  • Mobile Network - The device will need to be:

    1. Registered on the mobile network

    2. Enabled with the Blackberry Enterprise tariff (for use with third-party BES servers) with your mobile provider

    3. The SIM card must also be registered on the same Blackberry Enterprise tariff - if you have moved your SIM over from an older phone, you may need to order a new one from your provider with the correct tariff enabled

    4. You should see "GPRS" or "EDGE" in capitals on the home screen of your BlackBerry device, indicating the data connection is enabled

    If you receive the ,,service connection unavailable" message when activating, you will need to contact your mobile provider to register the SIM for the correct BES tariff.

  • DNS (Domain Name System) - The email address you activate with must have correct MX (Mail eXchange) records applied for use with the Cobweb Hosted Exchange system. Please contact Support on 0345 223 9000 or for further details.

  • Antispam/Antivirus Software - During the activation process, your device will automatically send out an email to your mailbox from "" to verify your account (this is called the "Command Email") - the email will contain the text: "Please do not delete or move this email".

This email will delete itself in due course; however if your Outlook/Entourage profile is automatically deleting this email or moving it to a "spam" folder, the process will fail. Also, if the email is scanned by the antivirus software on your machine and altering it (appending the header or title of the email) the process will also fail. Ensure that the domain "" is white listed in your antivirus software if this is causing a problem.

If you continue to have problems activating your device with Cobweb, please contact the Service Desk on 0345 223 9000 or email us at